Open Box Xerox Travel Scanner 150 Color Document Mobile Scanner

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Brand: Xerox


  • Instant scan to searchable PDF for easy search and retrieval.
  • USB Powered. No external power supply needed
  • Auto-crop, Auto-straighten, Auto-brightness
  • Scans items up to 8.5" (216 mm) wide and 14" (356 mm) long,Lightweight (10.6 oz. / 300 grams).

Publisher: Xerox


Xerox Travel Scanner 150: The Complete Mobile Scanning Solution

Whether you're on a business trip or work in a mobile environment, you collect paper in your travels. Business cards, receipts, contracts, forms, and photos. And it all has to wait in an overcrowded bag or briefcase (sometimes even pockets, wallets, and purses) until you get back to your office, where you are already burdened with a to-do list. If you get your documents organized while you are on the road, you will have less to worry about when you get back to the office.

Xerox Travel Scanner 150
Xerox Travel Scanner 150
Scan documents while you travel to reduce your workload back at the office.
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The Xerox Travel Scanner 150 is lightweight (less than 12 ounces, 340 grams), smaller than a three-hole punch, and needs no AC outlet. Just connect the USB cable to your laptop, insert a document and you're scanning. If you can insert a dollar bill into a change machine, you have the scanning operation mastered. And not just scanning, but scanning to popular and productive destinations such as email and Word, local/network/cloud storage or Microsoft SharePoint.

The Secret to Staying Organized

If you take care of paper when you first receive it, then you won't have big piles to deal with later. Documents from the road can't always wait for your trip home. With the

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