Vantec PCIe 2 Serial & 1 Parallel Host Card (UGT-PCE2S1P)

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Brand: Vantec Thermal Technologies


  • Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
  • Supports 2 x UART serial ports
  • Built-in 16C450/550 compatible UART
  • On chip 256 byte FIFOs in transmit and receive path of each serial port

Publisher: VANT0

Details: The Vantec 2S1P PCIe Serial & Parallel Combo Host Card is the easiest way to add extra serial and parallel ports to any computer. Compliant with PCI Express base specification 1.1, this host card will allow you to plug in three different (2 serial and 1 parallel) devices to a computer whether it be a scanner, modem, digital camera, PDA, or printer.


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