Tripp Lite UPS Desktop Battery Back Up, 8 Outlet, 300W 120V Standby, Ultra-Compact, USB, 3 Year Warranty

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Brand: Tripp Lite


  • Protects PCs, peripherals, workstations, point of sale systems and more
  • Prevents damage, data loss and performance problems due to power problems
  • 6 outlets (3 UPS supported, 3 surge only) plus single line tel/DSL surge protection
  • Free Power Alert software for safe unattended computer shutdown and file saves
  • 3 year product warranty and $100,000 connected equipment insurance
  • The INTERNET350U's load cannot exceed 180W

Publisher: Tripp-Lite

Details: Tripp Lite's INTERNET350U standby UPS system offers complete protection from blackouts, brownouts and transient surges on both AC and dialup modem lines. Provides seamless battery support during brownouts and power failures with enough runtime to save and shutdown connected equipment without data loss. Offers complete power protection in an ultra-compact, flat-pack housing with an appearance closer to a power strip than other bulky UPS designs. Includes 3 battery supported outlets for computer, monitor and one vital system peripheral, plus 3 additional surge suppression-only outlets for printers and other system accessories not requiring battery support. USB enables optional unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of extended power failure. PowerAlert software available via free download, includes bundled USB cable. Built-in single line RJ11 phone suppression jacks with line splitter protects up to two directly connected modems, fax machines, cordless phones or other peripherals with a standard dialup phone connection. Built-in audible alarm and front panel LEDs offer continuous status information regarding line and battery power operation. 350VA/180 watt power handling ability supports entry-level PC systems for up to 12 minutes during power fail conditions. $100,000 Ulrtimate Lifetime Insurance (USA, Puerto Rico, & Canada Only)


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