Swingline Stapler, Commercial Desktop Staplers

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Brand: Swingline


  • HEAVY DUTY QUALITY - Sturdy staples provide strength and reliability. Heavy duty staples with longer legs are designed to fasten higher volumes of paper with ease.
  • SHARP CHISEL POINT FOR FEWER JAMS - Staples with precision-engineered points are designed to cleanly pierce paper. Distinctive chisel points mean fewer frustrating jams and interruptions.
  • SECURES 120 SHEETS OF PAPER - Heavy duty staples handily hold higher volumes of paper, with longer 5/8" legs that easily fasten up to 120 sheets of paper.
  • 2,500 STAPLES - Each strip of 100 staples provides stable, continuous stapling, even when handling high volumes of paperwork. Refills are easy and convenient, with 2,500 staples in every box.
  • WORKS WITH HEAVY DUTY STAPLERS - Specially designed for use in heavy duty staplers that accept 5/8" staples.

Details: Swingline Heavy Duty Staples provide quality and strength, giving you the ability to fasten large stacks of paper with ease. Created with precision-engineered sharp chisel points, premium heavy duty staples easily penetrate papers, minimizing the incidence of jams and stapling disruptions. The longer, 5/8" legs easily secure up to 120 sheets of paper with each staple. Each full strip contains 100 staples, allowing you to maintain productivity without stopping for refills. With 2,500 staples in each box, you can securely staple large amounts of paperwork without fear of run-outs. These staples are specially designed for use in heavy duty staplers that accept 5/8" staples.

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