SV231DPDDUA 2-Port Dual DisplayPort USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub

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  • 2 COMPUTERS 1 WORKSTATION: This TAA compliant 2 Port DVI KVM Switch lets you control and link up to 2 connected computers with one single set of workstation peripherals for increased productivity in the office or at home
  • EASY to OPERATE: The front panel pushbuttons on the dual screen KVM make it easy to switch back and forth between systems, while maintaining professional level video quality on both DVI monitors
  • INTEGRATED USB HUB: The integrated USB 2.0 hub on the dual monitor KVM switch shares two additional peripherals (in addition to keyboard and mouse) as if they were directly connected which eliminates the cost of duplicate devices
  • EDID RETENTION: The USB KVM features EDID retention eliminating the hassle when switching between computers by maintaining computer settings
  • RELIABLE AFTER PURCHASE SUPPORT: offers free lifetime technical support and a competitive 3-year warranty on this dual monitor DVI KVM switch.



The SV231DD2DUA 2-port Dual DVI USB KVM Switch allows two PCs, each with dual DVI video outputs, to share two monitors, one microphone and set of speakers, one keyboard and one mouse as well as two other USB peripherals.

An ideal solution for graphic designers, CAD/CAM designers or educational and financial institutions, the dual view KVM Switch allows you to instantly switch back and forth between dual DVI display PCs at the touch of a button, while maintaining professional level video quality on both monitors. The dual DVI switch also features an integrated USB hub port that allows USB 2.0 peripherals such as thumb drives, external hard drives or web cams to be shared between attached systems - eliminating duplicate peripheral costs.

Please Note: While both DVI-I (analog mode) and DVI-D (digital only) are supported by the KVM, both source PCs should output the same signal type for proper switching. It is recommended wherever possible to use DVI-D cables across all PC to KVM and KVM to Console connections. Please contact technical support if you require assistance identifying your source.

Backed by a 3 year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


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