Startech.Com DVIVGAYmm6 Dvi-I Male to Dvi-D Male and Hd15 Vga Male Video Splitter Cable, 6-Feet

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Color: Black


  • Connector A 1x DVI-I (29 pin) Male
  • Connector B 1x VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Male
  • 1x DVI-D (25 pin) Male
  • Connect a DVI-D and a VGA Monitor simultaneously to a single DVI-I video source
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to use and install
  • DVI-I Male connector to DVI-D Male and HD15 VGA Male connectors
  • Connector A 1x DVI-I (29 pin) Male, Connector B 1x VGA (15 pin, High Density D-Sub) Male, 1x DVI-D (25 pin) Male

Platform: Windows


Details: This 6ft DVI-I to DVI-D + VGA Y-cable lets you connect a DVI-D monitor as well as a VGA monitor to a single DVI-I video card port._x000D_ Providing a cost-effective and reliable dual display solution,'s DVI-I to DVI-D/VGA Y-cable is backed by Lifetime Warranty._x000D_ Please note: The ability to drive both a digital and an analog monitor simultaneously depends on the capabilities of your video card. If your video card does not support this function, only one display will work at a time.

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