SmartSockets Basic Surge Protection Power Strip

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Brand: Kensington


  • Protect computers and modems from damaging power surges and spikes
  • Six color coded rings with matching cord labels provide easy cord management
  • EMI/RFI noise filtration, right-angle plug, and recessed on/off switch
  • 1260 joules of dissipation, 500 clamping voltage, phone/fax/modem protection, 8-foot power cord
  • Lifetime product warranty; $25,000 in connected equipment replacement warranty

Publisher: Kensington

Details: SmartSockets combines features and visual excitement to provide superior surge protection to your electronics against power spikes, brown outs, and black outs. Color-coded rings with matching color labels for easy connected equipment identification and cord management. 6-outlet, 8-ft cord, phone/fax protection, with 1260 joule rating. Right-angled plug for easy accessibility. $25,000 limited connected equipment warranty.

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