Royal Sovereign Ceramic Electric Tower Space Heater

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Brand: Royal Sovereign


  • RAPID WARM UP - Say goodbye to the winter chills. The Royal Sovereign ceramic space heater heats up quickly and quietly. Eliminate the frigid air from your home or office instantly!
  • PORTABLE WARMTH - Don't be known as the person in the office who is 'always cold'. Our portable space heater provides warmth anywhere you go. It is perfect for homes, offices, or small/medium rooms.
  • 2 COMFORT SETTINGS - We have the perfect comfort settings for everyone. Whether you just want a little extra warmth or you need some serious heat, we've got you covered.
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT - allows you to find your preferred comfort setting. Simply turn the dial to your desired heat level then kick back and relax. Features a digital display and remote control.
  • TOP TIER SAFETY - Our overheat protection feature automatically shuts off the unit to protect from overheating. This unit will also automatically shut off if tipped over.

MPN: HCE-220


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