Tripp Lite INTERNET350SER Internet Office 350VA Compact UPS, 6 Outlets

Tripp Lite INTERNET350SER Internet Office 350VA Compact UPS, 6 Outlets

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Brand: Tripp Lite

  • PROTECTS FROM BLACKOUTS, BROWNOUTS & TRANSIENT SURGES ALLOWING TIME TO BACK UP CRITICAL FILES: 350VA / 180W Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides up to 3.3 minutes of runtime for a full load, and 12.2 min of half-load runtime
  • 6 OUTLETS POWER & PROTECT CONNECTED PERIPHERALS: 3 Outlets provide UPS Power Backup & Surge Protection (home office & media centers); 3 Outlets offer Surge Protection Only (ideal for printers & other electronics not essential in a blackout)
  • FREE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE / USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES: Software enables unattended system shutdown & power management. Batteries are user-replaceable allowing you to extend the life of your UPS if the batteries are depleted after the 3-year warranty.
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY, $100,000 INSURANCE: 3-Year Limited Warranty and $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment.
  • Protects PCs, peripherals, workstations, point-of-sale systems and more
  • Prevents damage, data loss and performance problems due to power problems
  • 6 outlets (3 UPS-supported, 3 surge only) plus single-line tel/DSL surge protection
  • Free PowerAlert software for safe unattended computer shutdown and file saves
  • 3-year product warranty and $100,000 connected equipment insurance



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