Pocket SSD -TLC NAND, SMI Controller

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Brand: VisionTek


  • The VisionTek 128GB XT USB 3. 0 pocket SSDs combine performance and reliability with low power operation to make the ideal portable USB drive. With high read and write performance, even the most demanding power user will find satisfaction.
  • With industry-leading bandwidth of more than 450Mbs transfers, the XT drives can approach the limits of current USB 3. 0 5GB/s interface during large file transfers.
  • The XT USB 3. 0 pocket SSD gives you portable, Fast and dependable storage. Perfect for on the go or simply moving data from one machine to another, with its small size, you can take your data with you anywhere.
  • Fast transfer speeds make this ideal SSD for use as a boot drive, console game files, music, photos and so much more


Details: 120GB XT USB 3.0 Pocket SSD -TLC NAND, SMI Controller

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