MasterWatt 65 Next Generation Lightweight, Compact Universal Laptop Adapter Design

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Brand: Cooler Master


  • Active PFC + forward topology design - constructed with protective measures normally found in high-end power supplies to increase safety and current stability.
  • Higher temperature resistance - capable of operating at 40°C under full load allowing longer lifespan in warmer environments.
  • Peak Power Tolerance - Can reliably push an additional 50W at peak power load for up to 10 seconds.
  • 75% efficiency - maintains an average efficiency of 75% at 50% load.
  • Super resilient - the elite V3 will perform consistently in whatever environment you throw at it whether it's high altitudes above 5000 meters or Ultra humid settings like a tropical rain-forest.

Publisher: Coolermaster

Details: Cooler Master Elite V3 Power supply is a dependable choice for the everyday PC user. The included 120mm quiet fan, PCI-E support, and global 3 Year Warranty Delivers a PSU that provides function and resilience you can count on. This power supply has been engineered for reliability with a focus on reducing random shutdowns in brownout conditions When power sources are unstable. The Elite V3 is a complete solution delivering powerful stability in a small package for an affordable price.


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