Kensington Proximo Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

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Brand: Kensington


  • Proximo is compatible with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (and any iPhone version 4S and later), as well as Samsung Galaxy S3 or later.
  • The Proximo FOB and Tab work with the free Proximo App (updated for iOS 9.x as of 11/15/2015)
  • When your phone and Proximo-tagged device become separated beyond your custom-set distance, the Alarm sounds so that you don't leave your valuables behind
  • The "Find Alert" helps you find your tagged in-range valuables via sound or light flashes, and "Last Seen" feature provides pin-drop in Maps to identify where you were last connected to the Proximo FOB or Tag so you can recover your tagged valuables
  • The difference between the Proximo FOB (K97150US) and the Proximo Tag (K97151US) is that the FOB includes a button that (when pressed) communicates with your phone, setting off an alarm on the phone so you can locate it when it is within range of the FOB.
  • Proximo now compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Samsung Note, Samsung Tab as well as iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S, iPad ^Locks your Phone Screen the moment you separate from the phone (exclusive for Samsung Devices) ^Alarm ensures you don't leave your valuables behind ^Find Alert helps you find your tagged valuables via sound or light alerts ^Last Seen provides you a map pin-drop to help you recover your tagged valuables

Publisher: Kensington


Kensington Proximo
Explore how Proximo can safeguard your phone and make every day easier.
Hello Proximo.

Replacing a lost phone can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. Let the Proximo system from Kensington get you back to the things that really matter. Safeguard your phone, save money and regain your peace of mind with the new way to ensure your phone, and everything on it, stays with you. A fraction of the cost for a replacement phone, and more functional than a free app, Proximo pays for itself (and then some) the first time you need it.

Kensington Proximo
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You lost it. Proximo finds it

Enjoy the moment. Now you've got one less thing to worry about because Proximo alerts you before you've even had the chance to leave your phone behind. Proximo saves you money, time and stress. It's easy to find your phone, keys or tagged items with the simple touch of a button so you can get on with your day.

Kensington Proximo
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