HP SSD s700 Pro Series

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Brand: HP


  • New 3D NAND Technology and advanced wear balancing algorithm for higher durability @0.5 Drive Writes Per Day
  • Up to 512MB DRAM Cache for better multi-tasking and durability
  • Higher Order LDPC Error Correction for high speed parallel decoding and real time error correction to ensure data integrity and security
  • All Metal Body - heat dissipation and durability in a PC environment
  • Manufactured to HP's high quality standards and fully tested and certified in HP Laboratories

Publisher: hp

Details: HP SSD S700 Pro Series delivers compact storage and optimized performance for traditional and innovative small-form-factor and embedded platforms in 3 capacity sizes: 128GB、256GBand 512GB .

The case 2.5inch SSD design has a significantly smaller footprint than a 2.5inch hard disk drive (HDD), and enables fast read/write access times and a significant I/O and throughput performance improvement as compared to HDDs. This design makes it ideal for new and innovative small form factor computing platforms that have size and weight requirements that traditional 2.5inch HDD s cannot meet; such as, notebook, thin-and-light systems, mini-and sub-notebooks, all in-one computers, and embedded platforms.

• High performance

• Low power

• Increased system responsiveness

• High reliability

• Small form-factor

• Minimum weight

• Enhanced ruggedness


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