GBC Binding Spines/Spirals/Coils

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Brand: GBC


  • WIREBIND SPINES - Permanently bind documents with these professional spines when presentation and quality are primary concerns. Ideal for busy corporate offices, universities and accounting firms.
  • 40-SHEET BINDING CAPACITY - Sturdy black spines are the perfect choice for larger projects. With a 1/4" diameter, they securely hold 40 pages, leaving plenty of space for your work.
  • 360-DEGREE CAPABILITY - This sturdy binding allows 360-degree rotation. Spines also allow pages to lie flat for reading, note-taking and photocopying. Great for creating study guides.
  • 32-HOLE BINDING - WireBind spines bind pages through 32 holes, with a steady 3:1 pitch, which creates two loops per inch.
  • PERFECTLY PERMANENT - Attractive, black wire spines give projects a strong, permanent binding with a neat, high-quality appearance. They're an ideal combination of precision and permanence.
  • CONVENIENTLY COMPATIBLE - WireBind spines are designed to be compatible with WireBind machines, creating a simple, hassle-free binding.
  • 100 PER PACK - A pack of 100 spines ensures long-term productivity for all of your binding projects.

Details: Trust your important documents to the dependability of a WireBind. They are an excellent binding selection for situations where presentation and quality are primary concerns. Ideal for busy corporate offices, universities, accounting firms, and any other circumstance where presentations need extra polish. Sturdy spines are perfect for larger projects, holding up to 40 pages with a 1/4” diameter. Durable WireBind also permits 360-degree rotation for easy reading, and allows pages to lie flat for note-taking and photocopying. They’re great for creating study guides. 32-hole binding spines have a 3:1 pitch, with two loops per inch. Attractive wire spines give projects a strong binding with a high-quality appearance; an ideal combination of permanence and precision. Spines work with WireBind machines for simple, hassle-free binding. Compatible with all GBC covers, including a variety of clear and solid options. Pack of 100 black spines for added productivity.

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