Fluke Networks Network Cable Tester

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Brand: Fluke Networks


  • Replacement wiremap adapter for main CableIQ Qualification Tester
  • Remote adapter tests copper cabling and protects CableIQ meter when not in use
  • RJ45 and F-type connector tests voice, data, video, and audio cabling


The Fluke Networks CIQ-WM wiremap adapter is used to replace a lost or damaged wiremap adapter for Cable IQ qualification testers (not included). This remote adapter tests copper cabling and protects the CableIQ meter when not in use. RJ45 and F-type connectors test voice, data, video, and audio cabling.

A copper cable tester is a device for troubleshooting, inspecting, and certifying copper network cabling. Devices range from one-button tools for checking connectivity to complex tools for certifying network installations. Three types of testing include verification, to test whether a connection or cable is functioning correctly; qualification, to test a network's ability to support specific speeds and functionality; and certification, to verify whether a network installation meets industry standards. Cabling contractors, installers, and network technicians use copper cable testers to set up and maintain networks within a building or on a campus in corporate, academic, manufacturing, and other enterprise network environments.

Fluke Networks manufactures tools for network infrastructure installation, testing, certification, and troubleshooting, in copper, fiber, and wireless networks, with its tools widely used by contractors, enterprises, and communication service providers. The company, which operates globally, is based in Everett, WA.


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