FINIGO 7-outlet Surge Protector & 2-port Universal USB Family Charging Station w/ Surge & Overload Protection for All Electronic Devices Including : Iphone , Ipad , Android Devices , Samsung , and More

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  • 840 Joule Surge Protector Power Strip
  • 7 Total Power Surge Protector Outlets, 1 Block-Spaced Outlet for Larger Adapters
  • 2-Wire Single Line Telephone Protection against Power Surges
  • 10' Cord
  • Lifetime warranty and $50,000 Equipment Protection Policy provides peace of mind

Publisher: FINIGO

Details: Protection from dangerous power surges is essential to the longevity of your electronics. The 7-Outlet Essential Surge Arrest Surge Protector from APC offers you the protection you need for all your expensive components. Over time, small power surges can degrade the small elements of your electronics or large power surges can fry your components in a single blow. The P7T10 protects from small and large surges to increase the life span of up to seven devices, including your TV, computer or receiver.

MPN: P7T10


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