Divoom Tivoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker - Pixel Art DIY Box, RGB Programmable 16X16 LED, Support Android & iOS; TF/SD Card & AUX 3.9X3X3.3 inches

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Brand: Divoom


  • Dsp-tuned Audio features:
  • Bluetooth V4.2 technology & TF/microSD card audio support
  • 6W full-range driver Designed by professional audio engineers
  • Wind Tunnel design for bass enhancement
  • Pixel art design features:

Publisher: Divoom

Details: Sporting a unique retro design, the Divoom tivoo Pixel art Bluetooth speaker is more than a powerful smart speaker. Inspired by light and sound and packed with advanced and powerful hardware, The tivoo Features a 256 full RGB LED screen, with each LED able to display 16 million vivid colors. The precision engineered tivoo also functions as an alarm clock, a sleep aid, a reminder and displays social media notifications! This Royal blue tivoo even allows you to create and display your own Pixel art with the free downloadable Divoom smart app!


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