D-Link Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor and Alarm, App Notifications, Battery Powered, No Hub Required

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Brand: D-Link


  • Sensor probe: designed to be sensitive, detecting shallow leaks to give you an early warning
  • 90dB siren: the water sensor is equipped with a loud siren and triggers a localized alarm to alert you of a leak
  • Water leak detection alerts: notifications are sent to your mobile device through the midline app to let you know of a leak, wherever you may be
  • Easy setup: works with your WiFi at home. No hub required
  • Battery powered: two AA batteries can last up to one and a half years. The water sensor sends you a notification when it's time for a change
  • 5. 9 foot sensor cable: set the sensor exactly where you need it to be. Extend its reach with a 3. 5 millimeter three ring adapter cable (male to female)
  • Mounting holes: add screws to attach the sensor to your wall for easy placement
  • Smart home compatible : Supports IFTTT so you can customize additional actions between the water sensor and other smart devices in your home

Publisher: D-Link Systems, Inc.

Details: The DCH-S161-US Wi-Fi Water Sensor alerts you when moisture or water is detected, letting you know of a leak before it becomes a disaster. A loud 90dB siren alerts you when leaks are detected, and the device sends push notifications to your mobile device through the my link app (Android and iOS). Sleep mode extends battery life to up to 1. 5 years, saving power by only using Wi-Fi, providing app status check-ins, and sending alerts when leaks are detected. To wake the device at any point, simply tap the button on the top of the siren. A long cable makes it easy to place the water sensor probe near leak-prone areas. This also helps you place the siren out in the open where it can receive better Wi-Fi signal instead of limiting your placement options to spaces underneath and behind materials that can block connectivity.



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