Cougar 700M MOC700S 8200 DPI USB Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

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  • Muzzle brake SR. Inspired by a real muzzle brake's design, this extended metal tube increases the cable's durability and prevent the cable from hindering the mouse's movement
  • Multi-color profile backlight. 16.8 million colors to choose from. Use them to distinguish the different modes, change them according to your mood or, well, however you want
  • Aluminum framing structure. Resistant and sturdy design
  • 8200 DPI precision gaming sensor
  • COUGAR UIX Device Management System + Internal Memory

Platform: PC

Publisher: Cougar

Details: These features alone sweep away most competitors. Very simply: The 700M eSPORTS is more precise registering your movements, smoother processing your commands and using its functions, and faster transmitting input to the computer than 90% of mice on the market.8200 DPI: Pinpoint control, no upper cap on your abilities. Configure up to four different DPI levels and fine-tune your precision and speed.700M eSPORTS has a little computer onboard and can do sophisticated computing fast and directly by itself- without relying on the gamer’s computer and without the need for software drivers.125Hz – 1000Hz USB rate fine-tuning.

MPN: 3M700WLW.0

SKU: BTE-TM-37169

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