Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Gaming RGB Keyboard & Mouse, Clicky Mem-chanical Switches, Precision Pixart Sensor with Omron Mouse Switches & On-The-Fly DPI Settings

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Brand: Cooler Master


  • Exclusive Mem-chanical Switches - Clicky switches with satisfying tactile bump lets you hear and feel when a key is pressed
  • RGB Per-key Backlighting - Because aesthetics still matter, and your keyboard is still your best hype man when playing
  • Precision Mouse Sensor - No lag, no jitter, all accuracy. This ain't your daddy's ball mouse
  • Mouse Switches That Last - Omron mouse switches to last you well into Platinum rank
  • 26-key Anti-Ghosting for Accurate Input - What you press is what you get, regardless of how fast and furious it gets

Publisher: Coolermaster

Release Date: 21-09-2018

Details: The MasterSet MS121 Combo is your first step to high level gaming, with two tools to help you elevate your skills. It includes a durable keyboard outfitted with Mem-chanical Clicky switches, which abandon the mushiness of membranes for the tactile satisfaction of mechanical keyboards. It also comes with a durable mouse to last you through your heated skirmishes, with a Pixart optical sensor, adjustable DPI settings on-the-fly, and responsive pro-grade Omron switches to maximize DPS. Add in RGB capability for looks and easy multimedia keys for convenience, and you have everything in your arsenal to go on a killing streak.

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EAN: 884102036590

Package Dimensions: 22.0 x 7.3 x 1.9 inches



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