Cooler Master Masteraccessory MP750 Soft Mouse Pad with Water Resistant Surface

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Brand: Cooler Master


  • Smooth Gaming-Grade Surface - Slick surface optimal for speed and precision
  • Thick RGB Borders - Fully integrated into the borders for minimal fading and max illumination
  • Water Repellent Coating - Avoid splash damage with water-resistant coating
  • Improved Stitching - More comfort for those long, intense battles
  • Non-Slip Rubberized Base - Ensure your mouse pad will stand its ground when you stand your ground

Details: The MP750 is the ultimate in soft mouse pads, specially engineered with winning in mind. The slick, smooth surface is made of fabric specialized for gaming with precision and speed. The RGB lighting around the pad is super thick and super bright for minimal fading and maximum illumination. Additionally, improvements such as water-repellent coating minimize splash damage, while improved seamless stitching means less irritation and more comfortable sessions. The final result? A mouse pad that's just as serious as you when it comes to victory.


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