C2G / Cables to Go 40057 Pro-Audio XLR Male to XLR Female Cable (1.5 Feet, Black)

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Brand: C2G


  • USE - Extend your XLR connection from a mic output, from mixing consoles to recorders and amplifiers with XLR inputs
  • ULTRA-FLEXIBLE PVC JACKET - Reduces the risk of the cable kinking and damaging the conductors and allows for easy installation in tight spaces
  • MOLDED AND NICKEL-PLATED CONNECTORS - Molding provides excellent strain relief against conductor damage. Nickel plating on solid brass connectors resists wear from reconfiguring and moving equipment.
  • FOIL AND BRAID SHIELD - Double Shielding prevents and protects the cable from unwanted noise interference to ensure audio quality.
  • PACKAGING - To ensure you receive the highest quality products C2G packages all product in C2G branded packaging

Publisher: C2G


Use this XLR to XLR cable to connect unbalanced sources to balanced XLR inputs. This pro-audio cable is made from 22 AWG twisted pair audio cable under an aluminum foil shield and 60% copper braid for maximum shielding from noise. The highly flexible 7mm PVC jacket reduces the risk of the cable kinking and damaging the conductors.

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