Apricorn Aegis Padlock 1 TB DT 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive

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  • Separate Admin and User Modes
  • Aegis Configurator Compatible
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Inside
  • Data Reovery PIN's
  • Programable Brute-Force Defense

Details: With software-free operation, cross-platform compatibility, USB 3.0 and high capacities, Secure Key 3 brings a world of advanced data security to your fingertips. This USB 3 SSD drive incorporates PIN access with real time 256-bit AES XTS hardware encryption providing uncompromising security and ease of use. The Aegis Secure Key's FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation covers 11 areas of cryptographic security including physical security, cryptographic key management and design integrity. Using a rechargeable battery, the Aegis Secure Key enables the user to unlock the drive with a 7-16 digit PIN BEFORE connecting to the USB port on the host system. Since the PIN for the drive isn't entered through the keyboard on a computer, key logger software isn't able to steal the drives PIN. Secure Key 3 is Aegis Configurator ready and can be configured with independent Admin and User PIN’s and Recovery PINs. Aegis Secure Key’s internal drive components are protected by a super tough epoxy compound. This barrier prevents a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry and launching a variety of potential attacks. Secure Key 3 also has several new innovative features not seen on a drive like this before including two read only modes, optional self-destruct PIN, unattended auto lock, and a drive reset feature that clears all PIN's and destroys the data. Secure Key 3.0 also has a Lock Override Mode for booting an OS or passing through a virtual machine.


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