Apricorn Aegis Key 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encrypted

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Brand: Apricorn


  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated drive with 256-bit AES XTS encryption
  • Aegis Configurator Compatible
  • High quality rugged aluminum housing IP57 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Embedded 7-16 digit pin authentication with user forced enrollment
  • 2 Read -Only modes

Publisher: APRAC


With software-free operation, cross-platform compatibility, USB 3.1 speed, advanced security features and Aegis Configurator compatibility, Apricorn's Aegis Secure Key 3Z takes data security to new levels of efficiency and affordability.
This easy to use Drive incorporates onboard PIN authentication with 256-bit AES XTS hardware encryption. The Drive is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated to meet U.S government standards for information security. FIPS Validation certifies 11 areas of cryptographic security including physical security, cryptographic key management and design integrity.
The Aegis Secure Key 3Z was designed to work with the Aegis Configurator. This app allows the Administrator to configure 10 or more drives at once and automatically format / program features such as Admin and User PINs, PIN lengths, user forced enrollment, read-only mode, brute force protection settings, drive formats, and securely load files onto the drive during set up.
The Aegis Secure Key 3Z is the most versatile encrypted drive available. It’s software-free and OS agonistic so it works with any system. The drive has a rechargeable battery which allows it to be authenticated and unlocked before it’s ever connected to its host.  This onboard authentication circumvents all key logger software / malware tactics. None of its critical security parameters are ever shared with the host.
The Drive can be configured with independent User and Admin PINs, making it ideal for corporate and government deployment. If the User forgets their PIN, the Admin can reset it for them without wiping out the contents on the drive.
Aegis Secure Key further protects the data with a programmable "Brute Force Hack Mechanism" which deletes the encryption key and destroys the data if an incorrect PIN is entered more than the programmable limit is set to allow.
Secure Key 3Z has many new features including user forced enrollment, two read only modes, lock override which keeps it unl


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