Adesso SlimTouch 510R Mini Keyboard with Smart Card Reader and USB Hubs (AKB-510RB)

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Brand: Adesso


  • Smart card reader (scar), due to its secure nature, smart card keyboards are extensively used by industries like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and government agencies.
  • Magnetic stripe reader (msr), magnetic stripe readers are read by a computer program through the keyboard Wedge and are categorized by the way they read a badge.
  • Antimicrobial made with antimicrobial material on the keycaps which contain chemicals intended to kill and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and protects against the build up of germs.
  • 2x print size keys, see letters more than twice the size of what you would on a regular keyboard.
  • Membrane switch keyboard the membrane key switches provide Long Lasting and durable action, smooth to the typists touch, and do not attract as much dust and grime as other keyboard switches.

Publisher: Adesso



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