Adesso Imouse E7 - Ergonomic Mouse for Left Hand, with Cable, Programmable Functions, and Adjustable Weight

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Brand: Adesso

Color: Black


  • Ergonomic vertical design made for left-handers our left-handed vertical ergonomic design helps you achieve a more natural grip, better support, and natural wrist position. With our sleek design and added support, The Adesso Vertical ergonomic iMouse E7 is perfect for long hours of use.
  • Programmable driver adjust and customize your iMouse E7 to your liking TO enhance your gaming experience with the included programmable driver. Easy to install, and navigate through, within the driver menu, adjust anything from mouse colors, to Blinking speed, to assigning commands (macros), and reprogramming buttons with a few simple steps.
  • Adjustable weight tuning System The adjustable weight tuning System allows you to control how heavy you want The mouse. It comes with 3 removable 10G weights, to mix and match up to 30 grams of extra weight for a personalized feel and comfortable control.
  • 3 level DPI switch (400-6400 range) attain higher precision and better accuracy with your choice of 3 dpi levels from an individual range of 400-6400. Easily switch from three different DPI settings which change color depending on the level chosen. From the default settings of 400 (Green), 800 (Blue) and 1600 (Red) the easily-accessible DPI button lets you quickly switch between the various computer tasks you partake throughout the day.
  • Adjustable multi- color options Choose your backlit color and breathing intervals with the included driver to suit your personal preference and mood. Once set to your preference, The multi-colored LED lights let you work or play from dusk till dawn at your desk, study, or in the bedroom without disturbing others!

Platform: Windows 8

Publisher: Adesso

Release Date: 01-05-2019

Details: Adesso introduces relief and comfort for left handed users & gamers with the I mouse E7 USB vertical lefthanded mouse! If your wrist pain just won't seem to go away, Try a specially designed vertical mouse that completely changes your stance and keeps your hand in its natural “handshaking” position. The shape is thoroughly designed for natural comfort and easy-to-reach mouse buttons. No finger stretching or reaching is needed to press or operate the buttons. For gaming, The built in DPI switch on the top allows for convenient adjustment of your browsing precision without even letting go of The Adesso I mouse E7. Optional advanced programming software will allow you to control and customize all 6 buttons, LED colors, and assign macro keys. The I mouse E7 also comes with 3 additional weights inside that you can remove or adjust for a sturdier or lighter feel depending on your preference. Start browsing the internet, your email, and achieve victory with various online games with the new Adesso I mouse E7 USB vertical lefthanded mouse.

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